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Who we are

Menalux is the standard in home appliance dust bags, filters and accessories. We make replaceable parts that keep every vacuum and home fresh. As a company, our mission is to ensure that aftercare is simple, reliable and affordable for everyone. It's our dependable innovation that makes for healthier homes and a cleaner world.

Our products are produced by Electrolux, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of domestic appliances. Our shared global presence and experience has led us to become one of the major companies for both vacuum cleaners and dust bags.

Innovation for healthier homes

Replaceable parts that keep any vacuum and home fresh

Your home should always be a healthy environment, with fresh air, no matter where you live or what vacuum you use.

That’s why we manufacture dust bags, filters, and accessories compatible with a variety of brands to reduce pollutants indoors and add longevity to appliances everywhere.

The colour

Each product on this website and the packaging is marked with the colour of compatible brands.

Brand and model

You can find the brand and model denomination of your vacuum cleaner by looking at the back side of the cleaner.

DURAFLOW™ Fresh material

DURAFLOW™ Fresh material

Menalux high-quality dust bags are made of DURAFLOW™ Fresh material. Thanks to cutting edge technology and engineering, it prevents bad smell in your home during and after cleaning.

It enables longer usage life and helps maintain high suction power level until the dust bag is full.  The DURAFLOW™ Fresh material guarantees a high level of filtration and ensures a healthier home environment.

Fights bad odour

Thanks to the DURAFLOW™ Fresh material, bad odours are removed and the dust bag stays fresh longer.


The Menalux dust bags have 3 layers: 
The first one stops and reduces particles. 
The second layer contains natural oil, that helps to neutralize odour permanently and catches molecules. 
The third layer helps to keep the air clean and free of harmful particles.

Up to 50% longer usage life

Synthetic DURAFLOW™ Fresh dust bags have up to 50% longer usage life than normal paper dust bags. This is due to the structure of the material which provides the bag with improved dust holding capacity and at the same time enables constantly high suction power as the bag fills up.

Top filtration for a healthy home environment

The high-grade synthetic DURAFLOW™ Fresh material provides optimum air flow and a better filtration performance than paper dust bags. This means that DURAFLOW™ Fresh dust bags are ideal for people with allergies and ensure a healthier home environment. The use of innovative sealing technology also ensures that when dust bags are full they can be removed hygienically.

TÜV Approved quality

Tested and certified!

Menalux synthetic dust bags are tested for their quality by the TÜV Rheinland Group, whose approval is a real guarantee of quality. TÜV Rheinland Group has tested and certified DURAFLOW™ Fresh against the following criteria: suction power, operating life and filtration performance.


This means that an independent, highly regarded institution, trusted by consumers, has tested and confirmed the safety and quality of DURAFLOW™ Fresh dust bags.