• Fit machine model: Electrolux: EEQ10, EEQ20, EEQ30, EEQ30X, ZEQ6510, ZEQ6520T, ZEQ6530, ZEQ6540, EQP01, EQP02 AEG: AEQ10, AEQ11, AEQ12, AEQ20, AEQ25, AEQ30, AEQ30CH, AEQ35CH Volta: UEQ10, UEQ11, UEQ12, UEQ20, UEQ6520T Tornado: TOEQ10, TOEQ20, TOEQ30, TOEQ35 Zanussi: ZANEQ10
  • This filter pack fits the Electrolux Equipt vacuum cleaner. Electrolux has designed these high quality filters to fit your vacuum cleaner Equipt EEQ10, 20, 30... and maintain its best performance. The high grade of material, used for our genuine filters, provides your vacuum cleaner with high filtration level and maximum dust retention. Filters protect your vacuum cleaner motor from dust particles inside the dust container and retain the ultimate dust before leaving your vacuum cleaner. To ensure the performance of your cleaner, we recommend you to wash the Hygiene filter each time the dust container is emptied. Let the filter dry before replacing. For optimum performance all filters should be replaced at least twice a year or when they are visibly soiled. The use of non genuine filters may adversely affect the performance of your bagless vacuum cleaner. This filter pack includes one Hygiene filter and one motor filter. Filter pack reference: F 142A.

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